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Featuring a simple, stable and easy-to-debug structure, the machine is designed to make the coil winding process faster and more efficient than ever before. By combining a two-axis winding controller with an advanced winding and alignment mechanism, this machine ensures each coil is wound and aligned perfectly to your specifications. Whether you need small or large batches of coils, this machine can handle it with its multi-head design and high production efficiency.

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One of the main features of our coil winding machines is their simple structure, which not only ensures stability but also makes it easy to debug any problems that may arise during the winding process. With a few simple adjustments and alignments, you can quickly solve any complex problem, saving valuable time and energy. This simplicity also ensures the machine has a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

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In order to improve production speed and efficiency, our winding machine adopts a multi-head design, allowing the two axes to be used alternately. This means that while one axis is winding a coil, the other axis can be ready for the next winding process, significantly reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. With this innovative design, you can now complete multiple coil winding tasks simultaneously, increasing overall productivity.

Additionally, our coil winding machines offer unparalleled flexibility as it allows you to freely set the number of turns, wiring, taps and width according to your specific requirements. This customization feature ensures each coil is precisely wound to meet the exact specifications of your project. By offering this level of flexibility, we give you complete control over every aspect of the winding process, producing a coil that exactly meets your needs.

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All in all, our coil winding machine is an innovative solution that combines simple structure, stability, easy debugging, multi-head design, high production efficiency and customizable settings to elevate the coil winding industry. With this machine, you can increase your production capabilities, deliver high-quality coils, and meet the unique needs of each project. Don't miss your chance to revolutionize your coil winding process - upgrade to our simple coil winding machine today.


1. Simple structure, stable, convenient debugging
2. Multi-head design, dual-axis alternating use, high production efficiency
3. The number of turns, line, tap, width can be set freely

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Model DLM-0866
Suitable stack height 6-35mm
Stator outer diameter 40-180mm
Suitable motor poles 0.15-1.0mm
Highest speed 3200 laps/minute
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPA
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz
Power 1.5Kw
Weight 200Kg
Dimension(LxWxH) 1350*650*1150mm


1. What are your prices?
Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

2.Can you supply the relevant documentation?
Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents where required.

3.What is the average lead time?
For mass production, the lead time is 20-30 days after receiving the deposit payment. The lead times become effective when
(1) we have received your deposit, and
(2) we have your final approval for your products. If our lead times do not work with
your deadline, please go over your requirements with your sale. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases we are able to do so.

4.What kinds of payment methods do you accept?
You can make the payment to our bank account: 40% deposit in advance, 60% paid before delivery.

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